Herb Myers

Heart Attack Survivor

Herb Myers

Herb was in total denial at age 37 when he had his first heart attack. He experienced signs of a heart attack – sensation of severe heartburn and pain in his arms and jaw, while having breakfast with his 7-year-old son. For a few weeks prior, he had had sensations of bad heartburn.

When the pain went beyond his chest, he knew he could be having a heart attack, but being only 37, he decided it wasn't happening to him and lay down until it went away.

He later got up and went to work despite the pain and discomfort he was feeling.

When he experienced the same symptoms upon coming home from work, his wife insisted on taking him to the hospital. En route, he decided he was fine and asked her to turn around.

Thankfully she didn't listen. He was diagnosed with angina, a disorder when the heart doesn't get enough blood, and scheduled for an angiogram the next day.

During that procedure, he had another blockage and was flown to Rose Hospital for open heart surgery. Although he didn't need a bypass that day, he has since had angioplasty, a stent and bypass surgery to treat blockages.
With the wonders of medicine, he has not only survived heart disease for 21 years, he has built a whole new life for himself, one that is inspiring to us all. Instead of having a Pepsi and a bag of chips for breakfast every day, as he says he did, he reinvented his health through diet and exercise. Herb faithfully takes his heart medications, tries to pass his cholesterol tests and works out more regularly than he did in the past.  
Herb just completed Ride the Rockies last year, a 435-mile ride reaching 12,000 ft, and is proud to say that he pedaled every mile. More importantly, he has since celebrated 30 years of marriage, walked his daughters down the aisle and greeted his first grandchild.

Patient written permission obtained prior to the posting of this story.