Don Boling

Heart Attack Survivor

Don Boling

Don is a self-described case study on cardiovascular stents, as he currently has 10 of them to keep his heart beating. In his early forties, he was diagnosed with diseased arteries after experiencing severe chest pain. He ended up having bypass surgery which did not produce the outcomes needed for prolonged health.

He then flew to Phoenix with his cardiologist from The Medical Center of Aurora in the late 1980s where he received two stents. Since then he has had another quad bypass surgery, and eight more stents. Don stays healthy by sticking to a heart healthy diet, and by following his doctors' orders. He is grateful for a medical team that is competent and wants him to remain alive and healthy as much as he does.

"They don't like failures," he says.

As you can see, Don has been through a lot to overcome the challenges of heart disease. He has been victorious in his fight due to his ability to, "buck up and fight the problem" and listen to the doctors and medical team. He also attributes his success to a medical team that does not like failure and was there to help him all the way.

"Thanks to my cardiologist and the team at The Medical Center of Aurora, I am able to tell my story to others," he states.

Don encourages others who are diagnosed with heart disease to face it with courage and not feel sorry for themselves.

"With today's medical technology and talented professionals, you will win," says Don.

Patient written permission obtained prior to the posting of this story.