Cardiac catheterization lab in Aurora

At The Medical Center of Aurora, our team offers 24/7 cardiac catheterization laboratory services using the most advanced and innovative technology. Our medical and nursing staff is trained extensively in all areas of cardiac diseases, including: arrhythmias, atrial septal defect, coronary artery disease, patent foramen ovale and pericarditis.

For more information about our cardiac cath lab, call (303) 695-2600.

Laboratory services offered

Our cardiac catheterization (cath lab) team offer a variety of different tests to help detect and potentially treat cardiovascular disease. Procedures performed in a cath lab utilize catheters rather than surgery to access the heart and blood vessels. The imaging equipment used helps the care team treat blockages and other problems in the arteries.

The tests we offer through our lab include:

  • Diagnostic cardiac cath (pressure wire, heart biopsy, 3D mapping, transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), intravascular ultrasound)
  • Coronary intervention program (pacemakers, cardioversion, tilt table, cutting balloon, stents)
  • Peripheral interventional program (renal percutaneous coronary angioplasty (PTCA) stent, peripheral PTCA stent)

Our team can also perform a variety of ablation procedures, valvuloplasty (repair a heart valve with a narrowed opening) or vascular surgery, if necessary.