Behavioral Health Challenges We Treat 

A number of behavioral health challenges can be identified, and cared for, at either our inpatient or outpatient behavioral health treatment programs. 

Our approach to behavioral health treats the whole patient, and reacts to life’s challenges with a treatment plan specifically designed for yours or a loved one’s success. 

Behavioral health challenges we treat include: 

  • Anger and aggressiveness
  • Behavioral or emotional difficulties
  • Difficulty fully expressing emotion
  • Disorganized thinking
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do
  • Inability to care for yourself
  • Inability to focus
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Overcoming anxiety and sadness
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Social isolation and withdrawal 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above, you would benefit from a comprehensive assessment. 

Because you or a loved one may be in need of behavioral health treatment as a result of a number of unique situations, our mental and emotional health facilities accept voluntary admissions from the hospital, physician referrals and even walk-ins. 

No matter how you arrive at The Medical Center of Aurora, our highest priority is get you feeling better as quickly as possible. 

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please contact us at  (844) 556-2012.