Childbirth Recovery Services

The first hours and days after having a baby are a very special time. At The Medical Center of Aurora, we strive to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Following your Labor and Delivery, you will be moved to Recovery, where our family-centered care includes helping you bond with you baby and teaching you how to care for your new arrival. Our staff members are specially trained to provide physical, emotional and informational support.

Recovery Rooms

Our Mother and Baby unit consists of 26 beautifully decorated private rooms, each with its own:

  • Bathroom and shower
  • TV and DVD player
  • Sleeper bed for family
  • High-speed Internet access

Babies are encouraged to room-in with their families; research has shown that this increases breastfeeding success and facilitates family bonding. We understand that sometimes, though, you need a break. Our skilled nurses are available around the clock to care for your baby in our safe and secure well-baby nursery.

Our goal is to make your childbirth experience and hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Our patients receive:

  • At Your Request meal service, which includes chef-prepared meals delivered to your room free of charge
  • Complimentary guest meal voucher for At Your Request meal service (additional vouchers may be purchased in the cafeteria)
  • 24-hour free access to the Newborn Channel, with programming in English and Spanish on all aspects of newborn baby and mom care
  • Baby photography services provided
  • Help with breastfeeding provided by certified lactation consultants and educators

Experienced Staff

A diverse team, including clinical specialists, social workers and clergy, are available to you after the birth of your baby. Our nurses are skilled at helping new moms learn how to breastfeed, and when extra help is needed, a certified lactation consultant can provide support. While we do everything we can to make your stay at The Medical Center of Aurora exceptionally comfortable, we know there is no place like home for your baby and you to start your life together. Our compassionate, caring and highly competent staff members will prepare you for the transition from hospital to home.

Infant Safety

The Medical Center of Aurora takes infant security and safety seriously. All hospital staff has been trained on infant security measures and our highly sophisticated Secure Care electronic banding security system is in place to add even another layer of security for our smallest patients.

As a parent, you play an important role in infant security. Hospital employees will identify themselves verbally, and those who care for babies wear a special ID badge. If someone appears improperly identified, you should question him or her and/or call your nurse for assistance before allowing that person to care for you or your baby.

Speaking of safety, did you know that Colorado law states that parents MUST have a car seat installed in their car to transport their baby home? Unfortunately, about 90 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly. Visit the Colorado Child Passenger Safety Web site for more information and to find a fit-station near you.