Smoking Cessation

A smoke-free lifestyle promotes many health benefits. At The Medical Center of Aurora, we offer the QuitSmart® program to help our patients and employees quit smoking. Those who stop smoking:

  • Feel more healthy
  • Breathe easier
  • Have more energy

QuitSmart® was created by the director of the Duke University Quit Smoking Clinic. Our program is taught by a respiratory therapist who is trained as a certified QuitSmart® leader. In the QuitSmart® program, patients learn to:

  • Ease off nicotine. Switch to other brands that have less and less nicotine aids in this decrease.
  • Use your mind to help. Learn to think of yourself as a calm, comfortable and happy nonsmoker.
  • Use a hypnosis audio CD. Relax and enjoy life as a nonsmoker.
  • Decide whether to use medication.
  • Break the smoking habit. Learn six ways to outsmart your habit.

The program includes a QuitSmart® kit and four meetings. Patients can choose to attend either group or one on one meetings. The kit includes:

  • An informative guidebook
  • A relaxing hypnosis audio CD or cassette
  • A patented realistic cigarette substitute

The QuitSmart® program is often insurance reimbursable.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (303) 338-7446.