Heart month photo strip

Join us in February for a series of Heart Healthy seminars. It's good for your health and your heart will thank you!

February 16, 5:30pm: Advances In Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease, by Jon Sherman, MD
Join Dr. Sherman as he discusses advances in the treatment of blocked arteries, valvular heart disease, and other serious heart conditions.

♥ February 22, 5:30pm: Advances in Preventative Cardiology, by Sundeep Viswanathan, MD
Join Dr. Viswanathan will discuss what you can do to know your risk factors and help prevent heart disease, as well as what diagnostic tests are available to identify early heart disease.

♥ February 27, 5:30pm: Atrial Fibrillation A to Z, by Sam Aznaurov, MD
Atrial fibrillation is a heart rhythm disorder that, if left untreated, can pose serious health risks, including stroke. Dr. Aznaurov will discuss signs and symptoms of A-fib, as well as available treatments.

Seminar Location:

The Medical Center of Aurora
1501 South Potomac Street
Aurora, CO 80012

Click HERE to register online or call 303-873-0630.