Electrophysiology Study (EP Study)

The purpose of an EP Study is to determine the source of cardiac rhythm problems. It allows for the doctor to accurately diagnose and appropriately treat a patient’s heart rhythm. This procedure is done using IV sedation so that the patient is comfortable, but not entirely asleep. One or both groin area(s) is/are numbed, and 1-5 catheters are threaded up to the right side of the heart. Some pacing is done which may bring on some arrhythmias and will show the doctor what these are and where they are coming from. While a patient may feel his heart speeding up, there is generally very little other sensation during this procedure, which usually lasts about an hour. Occasionally, a patient will experience a shock, if it is required. Sometimes the EP results will indicate that a patient needs Ablation, an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) or new medicines. An EP patient may be released from the hospital the same day or stay for further treatment, if needed.

Preparation for this procedure involves: No eating or drinking for 6 hours before the procedure time. Generally, an EP patient may take his or her morning pills with a sip of water, except for diabetic medicines and diuretics. We have EP patients check into TMCA in the Surgery Waiting Room 2 hours before the procedure starts.