Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a proven method to help adults who face challenges achieving mental wellbeing.  It is especially beneficial to those who do not respond well to medications, who may be pregnant, or who are experiencing a rapid regression into crisis.

ECT is very different now compared to how it was used in the past.

Today, a team of professionals, including a psychiatrist, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse, administer ECT while the patient is under general anesthesia. Modern ECT consists of controlled, electrical currents that affect brain chemistry in a way that can improve mental health. The number of treatments needed to be successful can vary according to the individual.

Who may benefit?

  • Patients who suffer from depression, mania, or psychosis and who have not responded or only partially responded to conventional treatment such as medications and therapy
  • Patients who have had multiple hospitalizations and regress rapidly into crisis
  • Patients in need of rapid, definitive response because of the severity of a psychiatric or medical condition
  • Patients experiencing symptoms of catatonia
  • Patients who are pregnant and unable to take medications that may harm a developing fetus
  • Patients who cannot tolerate the side effects of certain medications 

For more information or to schedule an assessment, please contact The Medical Center of Aurora’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Center at (303) 360-3650.