Diagnosis & Treatment

At The Medical Center of Aurora, we use the following tests and procedures to diagnose, to stage (determine the extent of spread) and to treat prostate cancer.



  • Urine and blood tests
  • Additional physical exam
  • X-ray (a test that uses radiation to take a picture of structures inside the body, including lungs, bladder, kidney, and lymph nodes)
  • Bone scan (a scan using radioactive material injected into the body to detect abnormal areas of bone; usually not done unless your PSA is above 10 ng/ml or you have bone pain)
  • CT or CAT scan (a type of X-ray that uses a computer to create internal images)
  • ProstaScint scan (a scan that uses radioactive material injected into your body to detect prostate cells that may have traveled outside of the prostate). This study is still investigational and has not yet been proven to change disease management.
  • MRI scan (a test that uses magnetic waves to make pictures of structures inside the body)
  • Lymph node biopsy (tissue samples are taken from the lymph nodes surrounding the prostate and sent to the laboratory for examination)