"How To" Cheat Sheets:

General Hints:


  • 2 Meditech Log On Screens – Ability to have 2 Meditech sessions simultaneously on one computer has been added.
  • Larger Computer Screens – All are now 22” or 24” screens in the physician dictation areas. The 22” screens will be replaced with 24” screens; new screens have been ordered.
  • Tap & Go - This has been deployed.
  • I&O Data – Times have been changed from MN-MN to 07-07.
  • Meditech Freezing - Fixed: When “All Labs” in Special Panel selected
  • Meditech Freezing With Multiple Order Sets – This happens when multiple large order sets are used. The only solution right now is to avoid opening multiple large order sets.
  • Cord Blood Data – it is now available to view through the Blood Bank tab
  • Ventilator Settings – now available to view in Special Panel–Adult ICU
  • Hemodynamic Parameters – now available to view in Special Panel–Adult ICU
  • Finding reports- all dictated and PDOC notes are now under Dictated Note category in PCI