Our employees agree The Medical Center of Aurora/Centennial Medical Plaza is the best company to work for in Colorado.

Here is what some of our employees have to say:

“I enjoy working with the employees and ancillary staff here in part because of our “The Caring Model” program. Caring about patients and staff allows me to offer my services in a variety of ways to our employees and the ancillary staff.”

About diversity… “Very open minded and accepting. This culture is the most diverse of all the places I have worked. People are interested in each other’s differences, and they are willing to share with and educate the people around them.”

“This organization, including the department I work in, seems to value all individuals in a fair manner.”

“I am nearing the completion of my Advanced Practice Degree due to our excellent Tuition Reimbursement program… Our commitment to quality patient care is well demonstrated by our recent application for “Magnet Hospital” status. The opportunities to participate in research programs, developed educational programs, and the attention to employee engagement makes this an excellent facility (in which to) work if you are active in building the foundation of your practice.”

“It’s about us caring for each other and the people we serve every day.”

“We are a family. When you walk in the door, you can feel it. Everyone cares for each other regardless of whatever level you are in. We all watch out for each other."

“When I first came in, I had no degree. All of my directors encouraged me to go back [to school]. The hospital encourages continuing education, which I think is unique. Through their encouragement I went to school and got my bachelor’s degree, then went on to achieve my Master’s and now I am working on my Doctorate. The culture here is geared toward everybody having the opportunity to learn and grow, so I used tuition reimbursement to assist with my education. I couldn’t have done it without it.”

“The reason that I do love it here is that we are here for the community and each other and by taking care of both, we are taking care of everybody.”