Diane has been a Mammography Technician at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) for the past seven years. She works in Breast Diagnostic with her daughter, Molly. Molly started at the Breast Center as a PRN about a year ago.

Molly currently works two days a week with her mom, checking patients in and out of the center while her mom preforms the mammograms. The two are very close, and enjoy caring for patients together.

“Everybody at the Breast Center loves Molly”, Diane says of her daughter.

Molly, talking about Diane, says, “I hear nice things all the time from patients about my mom.”

“It’s really great when I get to see her (Molly) at work,” Diane said, “My husband is always jealous when I get to see her and spend extra time with her.”

Molly spends the other three days of the week in Radiology, and will soon be transitioning to work in Radiology full time. What the mother and daughter duo will miss the most is being able to have lunch together.

Traditionally, Diane would pack her famous salad for both herself and Molly to share while they catch up on their days together. They look forward to a planned, once a week lunch date after Molly transitions out of the Breast Center.

Happy Mother’s Day to Diane!