Emily has been a Registered Nurse at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) for nearly five years. She started in the Float Pool, and has since moved to CC4. Emily came to the Medical Center of Aurora in order to be a part of the incredible culture at TMCA.

About a year ago, Emily’s mother, Carol, made the move up from Houston, Texas to Aurora, Colorado to be a part of the TMCA team. She heard about Emily’s positive experience working at the hospital, and is now a Cat Scan Technician at The Medical Center of Aurora.

“The reason I work here is because of Emily,” Carol said, “I’ve been in the field for 20 years and I have never had such great support as I have had here”.

Carol talked about her peers and her supervisors with a great amount of respect, noting that she feels like the people around her see and treat both her and Emily as “real people”, not just a fellow employee or a subordinate.

“It’s a really nice culture”, says Emily of TMCA. She goes on to highlight the understanding from the hospital that an employee has a life outside of work. She talked about how for her, when times get tough, the people that work with her at The Medical Center of Aurora are very willing to step in and help their peers.

Emily and Carol enjoy going to events, trainings, and forums together. They eat lunch together when they are both able, and carpool with each other to and from work.

Emily is a mother of three herself. Her oldest (4) wants to be an EMT when she grows up.

Happy Mother’s Day to Carol and Emily!