Tracy has worked at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) for 15 years. She started in the ICU, and 13 years ago, she transferred to the Trauma unit. Tracy is now the Trauma Director at TMCA.

Ethan is Tracy’s son, and he started his job in Central Supply at TMCA just two weeks ago. Ethan graduated from high school in May of 2017, and was looking for a position to start his career in healthcare.

“I wanted to come here (TMCA) because there are a lot of opportunities here”, Ethan said. “There are a lot of positions here that are great to get started in”.

Tracy and Ethan enjoy having lunch together, and look forward to carpooling together to and from work.

The Medical Center of Aurora’s education and learning programs were another reason why Ethan applied to work at TMCA. As an employee of The Medical Center of Aurora, Ethan is eligible for tuition reimbursement for a college degree in his chosen course of study.

“I can see myself staying here for a while”, says Ethan of The Medical Center of Aurora.

Happy Mother’s Day to Tracy!