Sheryl has worked for The Medical Center of Aurora as a Registered Nurse since Andie was in 3rd grade, which adds up to 31 years.

Andie, after serving in the Navy, knew she wanted to work at The Medical Center of Aurora because she loved the atmosphere of the hospital. She has now been working in the ICU as a Registered Nurse for almost 10 years and is the Trauma Nurse Clinical Coordinator.

Andie joked that when she started, she was known around the hospital as “Sherry’s daughter.” As the years passed and she became better known by the hospital staff, she was no longer known as “Sherry’s daughter,” but Sherry had become known as “Andie’s mom.”

Andie says of her mother, “I work with my best friend, and my mom. Having my mom as a nurse, when I have a bad day, I am able to call her and she is able to guide me. We lean on each other and help each other. She has so much knowledge.”

Sherry and Andie even worked in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program together at one point in their careers.

As Sherry moves closer to retirement, Andie becomes more involved in hospital activities, keeping her mom up to date on things happening around the hospital. They attend conferences together every year, one of their favorites being TMCA’s Neuromedicine conference.

Community outreach is an aspect of Andie’s job that she loves, and Sherry loves helping her daughter. They work together and Sherry is able to help with Andie’s community events. Andie is a mother of four-year-old twins herself.


Happy Mother’s Day to Sherry and Andie!