Deb is the Director of Rehabilitation Services at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) and has worked at TMCA for 33 years. She did her final rotation as a Physical Therapy student at TMCA and never left!

Brittany, Deb’s daughter, is also a nurse at TMCA. On career day in first grade, Brittany’s class was tasked with drawing and saying what they wanted to be when they grew up. Brittany drew a physical therapist, but since “Physical Therapy” was too hard for her to say, she said she wanted to be a nurse. By her senior year of high school, Brittany had decided that she definitely wanted to be a nurse.

Brittany began her nursing career at TMCA on the Orthopedics unit, but 2 years later switched to the Float Pool, which is where she has been ever since.

Deb said of her daughter, “Sometimes I will be walking through the hospital, and I hear her in a room caring for patients in a way that makes me really proud as a mom.” Deb continues, “What really impresses me about Brittany is that she is an amazing mother. She balances it all like it is no big deal, even though it is hard.” Brittany, herself, is a proud mother of two.

Occasionally, the mother daughter duo can be seen grabbing lunch together, telling each other about how their day is going, and catching up.

“Everyone loves her,” says Brittany about her mom. “I get to hear about everyone that she has impacted and I get to see it every day.”

The team also gets to round together on patients occasionally. They weave in that they are mother and daughter and the patients love having generations of the same family managing their care.

Happy Mother’s Day to Brittany and Debra!