Medical Center of Aurora November 08, 2016

Election Day Jitters? Learn What It Is & Ways to Cope!

"To some, this presidential election cycle felt like it would never end. The 24-hour news coverage, the back-and-forth political banter on social media, the water-cooler conversations at work have left more than half of Americans in a perpetual fight-or-flight state – in other words, stressed! It’s been dubbed “Election Stress Disorder,” and at the height of it all – Election Day – two of our behavioral health experts are providing ways to cope..."

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Feeling a Little Stress This Election Year? You're Not Alone

“Elections always come with a certain amount of stress, however, this election is different,” said Dr. Shawn Daugherty, a clinical psychologist with the Medical Center of Aurora. “Their unfavorability ratings are so high that people are nervous. ‘Is this person going to represent me? Is this person going to represent our nation? And are they going to move us forward?'”

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