Medical Center of Aurora November 08, 2016

"Bullying has been the focus of national attention recently, but it’s certainly not a new phenomenon. Take the Bible’s David and Goliath, Back to the Future’s Biff and Marty McFly, Mean Girls Regina George or Harry Potter’s Drayco Malfoy. We’ve seen bullying behavior played out for centuries in pop culture, in books and some of us, unfortunately, may have experienced it in our everyday lives. (Does “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” ring a bell?)

Bullying is here, but if we have our way, it won’t be here to stay. It’s estimated between 22 and 40 percent of school-aged individuals have been bullied. And as frightening as those statistics are, some believe the notion that “kids will be kids.” Wrong..."

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