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Heart & Circulation Disorders

Treatment for Heart Disease & Circulation Disorders

Heart Disease

At the Medical Center of Aurora and Centennial Medical Plaza, every beat your heart makes matters to us. We understand how vital your heart health is to your quality of life, and how important your quality of life is to you.

Each year, our dedicated cardiologists and cardiac surgeons enhance the lives of thousands of patients. Whether your heart disease is congenital, or has developed over the course of time, our skilled physicians will provide you with leading, cutting-edge treatment and preventative care.

Each type of heart disease is unique, and we believe our patients are also. That is why we are the only hospital in the metro Denver area to dedicate an entire tower to the care and recovery of our heart patients. Inside our doors you will find specialists who are engaged in research, inspired by technology, and most importantly, passionate about the treatment and prevention of heart disease.

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Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute at The Medical Center of Aurora

Our comfortable, close to home facility is a member hospital of the Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute (RMHRI), the best cardiac care team in the Rocky Mountain region. We are specialists in the treatment of arrhythmia: an abnormality in the heartbeat pattern, or heart rhythm.

Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute at The Medical Center of Aurora

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

The Medical Center of Aurora is now offering Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, or TAVR, as an option for treating valvular heart disease, specifically aortic stenosis. TAVR is an alternative to traditional Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement for high risk patients.