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Senior Health Center Admission

Referral for admission to the Senior Health Center can be made by friends and family members, primary care physicians, social service agencies, clergy and long-term care facilities. Prospective patients should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Suicidal behavior
  • Assaultive behavior or ideas which pose a threat to others
  • Potential or actual self-mutilating behavior
  • Acute onset or intensification of agitated behaviors
  • An acute onset or intensification of delirium, disorientation or hallucinations

Voluntary and involuntary admissions may be accepted.

Once a referral is made, our staff will assess the appropriateness of the referral. All assessments are confidential.

To schedule a confidential assessment, please call our main number at (303) 360-3360 or call toll-free (888) 265-4265.