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Average ER Wait Times

The Medical Center of Aurora

-- mins

Centennial Medical Plaza

-- mins

Saddle Rock ER

-- mins

"How To" Cheat Sheets:

General Hints:

  • Admission Orders Process (Navigate Admission Orders Process)
    • Change level of care 
    • Change admission status -inpatient, outpatient, observation
    • Medicare 2-Midnight Rule order – how to add yourself as provider and sign (Change Provider for Two Midnight Rule)
  • Initiate Hold/Resume – A resume time is now mandatory when the Hold function is utilized. This is a patient safety issue. RNs do not have access to the Hold/Resume function; they must DC the current order and enter a new order. (Enter Hold-Resume Information)
  • Order sets default to open – if desired, this can be changed in your preferences from the Desktop screen.
  • Echo after hours –  The process is unchanged. Continue to page or call the on-call technician.
  • Patient’s Own Med – This may be entered as the medication name. Complete all fields to complete the order.
  • How to request a change of Process (Initiate A Change Request
  • Prechecked items – these are NOT mandatory. You may uncheck them.
  • Enter name for consult - Do not combine the two methods; choose one:
    • Option #1: “N\at least the first 3 letters of last name”
    • Option #2:  remove N\ and enter mnemonic of physician
  • Blood cultures – one order will order 2 sets automatically.  Default priority is routine; change if needed.

Order Sets:

  • Low-lit duplicate orders – When there are duplicate orders due to multiple order sets in use, one set will have the order low-lit to identify it as a duplicate. (Navigate Duplicate Orders Between Order Sets)
  • Duplicate lab orders on Hemodialysis Order Set – A second set of Dialysis orders for subsequent days was created.
  • Revisions and updates to order sets – Many revisions have been made to numerous order sets. Call x2763 for assistance with requests.


  • New orders created:     
    • DC M1 Hold
    • Diet: NPO after MN
    • PCP PCR
    • Liver + Renal panel (type either Liver, Renal or Comp to access)
    • Images to Disc – if  you need CDs from Radiology
    • Cardiac chair is an option under “Activity”
    • Free Water (flush for tube feeding)
    • Trach Wean
  •  Time for lab orders:       
    • "AM” added to drop down box on lab orders.
    • Stat = drawn within 15 minutes
    • Urgent = Similar to stat; rarely used. Either stat, timed or routine is preferred.
    • Routine = drawn within 1 hour of entered time (may be a little longer with routine morning labs)
    • Timed = drawn within 15 minutes either before or after entered time
  • Urine source – This has been pre-populated to “random” in order to reduce mandatory clicks. It may be edited in the comment field or by Nursing or Lab personnel.
  • “Add to specimen in lab” – This has either been removed or is no longer a mandatory field.
  • Donor breast milk – This has been added to the list of feeding methods available for Nursery.
  • Social services consult (Order a Social Services Consult)
  • Body Fluid – continue to use the paper order form until an order set is built
  • Tissue specimens – continue to use the Body Fluid order form until an order set is built.
  • PICC line – order PICC LINE PLCMT OVER 5 YRS; it is the only PICC line with INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY as the category.
  • Transfer – this must be done with any change in level of care (Navigate The Transfer Process)
  • Blood transfusions
    • Option #1:  Order the product. If order to give now, the transfusion indication screens will appear automatically for completion. The product may be ordered, but held or pending surgery. A transfusion order will be required to give the product. Blood bank does not release the product without the transfusion order/indications completed.
    • Option #2: Order transfusion of product being held (product already ordered)– Select Transfusion Order to access the order and indication screens.
    • Consent remains on paper to allow for patient/family signature.


  • Edit titration parameters - You may edit within Administration Criteria. To view the pre-populated parameters, be sure to select the string for titration. 
  • qHS and qDay options – These are not approved abbreviations. Select Bedtime or Daily.
  • Meds vs. Fluids – It has been requested that plain IV fluids be listed under Medications also. At this time, we are unable to do this. Plain IV fluids are listed under Fluids; IV fluids with a medication are listed under Medications
  • Topical medications – application site no longer required
  • Changing med route (IV to PO, etc.) – The initial order must be DC’d and a new order placed for the new route.
  • Electrolyte order set –  Pharmacy will automatically DC the order if the patient’s creatinine is >1.5 since that is the criteria for utilizing the order set.
  • “Pick a Med String” - Always select a string for medications, then edit. It will minimize the fields you have to complete before filing.